Spirit Soul Body

Spirit Soul Body

  1. You Are a SPIRIT with a SOUL living in a BODY
  2. The Spirit:
    1. Your Spirit Is Your True Identity
    2. Types Of Spirits: 
      1. Dead (Old Man)
      2. Alive (Born Again)
    3. True Life Comes Thru The Spirit
    4. The Spirit is Faith Driven
    5. The spirit is Not Carnal -Not Driven By 5 Senses
  3. The Soul:  Comes from the Greek word Psuche or Psych
    1. The Inner, Non Structural Portion Of A Person Comprising Mind, Heart (partial) Emotions, Will & Personality
    2. Responsible For Thinking, Reasoning, Intellect & Feelings
    3. Your Soul is Carnally Driven (Driven by the Flesh or 5 Senses)
  4. The Body: Physical Being
    1. Natural Measurable Physical Aspect Of A Person
    2. Comprised Of 12 Systems
      1. Cardiovascular
      2. Skeleton
      3. Endocrine
      4. Lymphatic
      5. Integumentary
      6. Excretory
      7. Muscular
      8. Reproductive
      9. Nervous
      10. Digestive
      11. Respiratory
    3. Carnally Driven (Driven by the Flesh or 5 Senses)
  1. Understanding Spirit Soul & Body
    1. Your Spirit Is Your True Identity
    2. Only Your Spirit Changed When You Accepted Christ (Truth)
    3. Body & Soul Are Carnal (5 Senses)
    4. Your Soul & Body Are Redeemed
    5. Your Redeemed Soul & Body Are Being Sanctified (1 Peter 1:9)(Hebrews 10:39)
    6. You Can Accelerate The Sanctification Process (Romans 12:2)(Mark 4:24)(John 17:17)
    7. The Mind Is The Release Valve (Romans 12:2)
    8. The Body Always Follows The Mind
    9. The Abundant Life Results When The Mind Releases The Born-again Spirit
  2. Quote:

“To Change Your Life – Change Your Behavior

To Change Your Behavior – Change Your Thoughts

To Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Beliefs

To Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Mind (Heart)

Only Renewing Your Mind To The Truth Can Change Your Heart & Your Life (Romans 12:2)”