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Gluttony and Greg :: Greg was an extremely overweight pastor who became convicted about the stronghold of gluttony. By The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

Greg was an extremely overweight pastor who became convicted about the stronghold of gluttony.
Produced by The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

My wife and I were privileged to attend Sam Varner's Living Wellness seminar at Central and we both greatly benefited from this experience. Sam knows more about fitness, nutrition, and health than anybody I have ever met. He is full of a wealth of knowledge and shows from a Biblical and scientific perspective how so many different things go into the overall makeup of a healthy individual. I enthusiastically endorse this class and recommend it for everyone!

Mark Key

The Sam Varner "Living Wellness" program is not a "fad' diet or a new exercise program. It is a new way of life. God has shown Sam some simple secrets that will change your heart, your mind, your soul as well as your body. I am definitely a "new" creature because of this program and Sam's guidance.

Johnny Bunch

Living Wellness has been one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had during my eleven years in the health & wellness field. Not only has it taught me how to take better care of myself, but it has changed many of the things and ways I approach in helping to improve the health of those who workout at Nautilus (Asheboro, NC).

I love the fact that this course is for anyone who is a believer and I firmly believe once you have been through the twelve weeks, you will be a changed person. Sam has amazing gifts and uses those to make a connection between health & wellness and your spiritual side of life. Sam, I can't thank you enough for what Living Wellness has done for me!

Scott Soule
Health Club Owner

Sam's program was key to my winning the gold medal. But it's not just for athletes - his techniques will help anyone reach their full potential.

Tommy Moe
Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist

It's often thought that successful athletes have all the secrets to health and fitness. That's not true. I learned a lot from Sam's program most importantly that mind, body and spirit are equally essential to good health.
Picabo Street
Olympic Gold Medalist and
World Cup Champion

Since taking the Sam Varner’s Living Wellness Immersion, I have lost 30 pounds. I am feeling so much better, and I thank Sam and his team for sharing their knowledge and heart with us. What an incredible ministry they have. It has certainly made a difference in my life!!
Kathryn T.

After taking the Living Wellness Immersion, my cholesterol went from 274 to 182, my HDL went from 44 to 58, my LDL went from 198 to 113, my triglycerides went from 161 to 57. WOW what a difference. And without any medications. Thank you so much for your knowledge and helping me get it right.
Brenda O.

Since taking Sam Varner’s Living Wellness Immersion, my cholesterol went from 247 to 133. My bodyweight has gone from 255 pounds to 194 pounds. Thanks for everything, Sam!
Wendell E.

It Works. It Really Works. I was challenged to read labels, exercise by sprinting and do the deep breathing. For first time in my life, my cholesterol is lower than 200 – it was 182. It works. It really works. Thanks, Sam, for helping me renew my mind to the truth.
Cammie H.

My behavior changed when I changed my beliefs. After attending the Living Wellness Immersion, I realized what I was putting into my mind affected my life. I turned off the TV and began to flood my mind with God’s Word. Now I have a mind and heart for God. I have lost 55 pounds simply by doing the functional exercises that we learned in the workshop.
Danny N.

Becoming more physically active and taking Sam Varner’s “Living Wellness” program has improved not only the physical and mental me, but also the spiritual (me). This class is worth every penny I paid and then some. I recommend it to everyone I know.”
Anna D.

When I signed up for Sam Varner’s Living Wellness class, my sole intention was to control my addiction to sugar. What I got was so much more. My life has changed dramatically. I am calmer, more confident and my shoulders are much lighter…
Carolyn E.

Sam Varner’s ‘Living Wellness’ workshop changed my life! While I was following the principles in the program, I experienced a positive life changing event.
Donna M.

Following the principles of Sam Varner’s Living Wellness program has enabled me to lose 48 lbs and reduce my diabetes medication. Thanks, Sam.
Gayle T.